Expectations, Rules, and Commands

What this means is explained in our Mantra.

Current Expectations

  1. We will always love and remain faithful to each other.
  2. We will always respect our limits and safewords to their absolute fullest.
  3. We will work past soft limits over time, and hard limits if requested and discussed at length.
  4. We will have a safeword for physical distress and a safeword for emotional distress.

Eiren's Expectations

  1. Berkson will always tell me the full truth.
  2. Berkson will make me do things that he or I have identified as important to me or my health, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes him or me.
  3. Berkson will refer to me as Mistress in private, Ma'am in public, and whatever he is most comfortable saying around friends & family. My attitude permitting, he may call me any combination of these things over the internet.

Berkson's Expectations

  1. Eiren will always tell me the full truth outside of play.

Play in this scenario denotes a scene, or a surprise (such as a present), and in other words means that she may lie to me only under those two circumstances.

Example of a permissible half-truth: Eiren tells me that she will allow me to orgasm at the end of a scene, but refrains from mentioning that she plans to ruin it.

Example of a permissible lie: Eiren tells me that she has nothing planned for my Birthday, when in reality she has bought us both tickets to see Wicked.

Current Rules

  1. Berkson may not speak back or out of turn without permission.
  2. Berkson may not sit on the furniture without permission.

His computer chair and the shoe stool are exceptions, unless he exhibits bad behaviour or abuses this privilege, in which case it will be taken away.

Current Commands

sudoto run as a superuser