How bloggers changed my life

The first was Bitchy Jones’s Diary. To say anything other than “If I had not found this blog, my life would have turned out differently” would be a blatent lie. It’s not that the blogs that came after were less important to me, because they were not, it’s just that if I hadn’t had found Bitchy Jones, I would have not found the other bloggers that had such a high impact on who I am now in my relationship and life.

Dumb Domme & Domme-Chronicles came later when I realized how much more I needed, followed finally by OMissPearl.

To these four, Thank you.

Ferns, I’ve told you how deeply I respect you and how important your writing was for me. It’s still all true, I promise.

DD, I think that you’re gone now and I don’t think you’ll be coming back, but perhaps you still lurk…

Bitchy Jones has been gone for years, and I never had the oppertunity to tell you how important you were to me. I doubt that these words will ever reach you, but if they do — truly — thank you…

and the last, but certainly not the least… I think I bug you enough already! It’s always “Oh, Miss Pearl!” this, or “Oh, Miss Pearl!” that!

Bloggers changed my life. This isn’t an exageration or clickbait, it’s pure fact. In a world where Berkson had not found these people, the view he has on life would’ve been measurably different.

My relationship changed for the better because of them. My views on power dynamics, sexuality, and feminism changed because of them. The way I practice kink changed because of them. All of them, in their own special way, changed the way I was living my life and helped me develop myself into who I am now.

DISCLAIMER: Who I am now is a WORK IN PROGRESS, but I’m pretty satisfied with me to be totally honest. I have my moments. I’ll spare everyone the “It didn’t always used to be that way” drama that is not really important.

I found a sense of community through them, too, on Twitter… Because three of four of them were active on Twitter, I tried to get involved too. It was my way to keep updated with who they were, when they were posting new and MUST READ NOW!!! material, but, actually, it had such a larger impact on me.

I found friends there.

I found people who I genuinely consider my friends, my mentors, my role models. Many of you, some of you reading this now: I view you in one or more of these categories. I found bloggers, just like my original four, who I started following too. Femdoms, sub men, sub women, sex bloggers, and sometimes just normal people who were just extraordinary.

I found a family that has helped me make difficult decisions, given me some absolutely killer advice, support, and even combined courage.

I’ve just never had that before, a feeling of belonging to a group that I’m proud to be a part of.

Bloggers are my family, and I’m truly blessed to have found so many of you to have allowed me to be a friend to you, too.

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Submissive woman in my mid-20s. Writer, engineer, explorer. Transgender (she/her). Happily owned and married to my Mistress Eiren.

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