Alone in my room

It was dark again and it hadn’t stopped surprising me yet. I could hear the birds and the freeway in the distance, the bustling of life from behind the now blackened windows, and it was perfect and cold and it was dark.

The sun was usually so harsh, but now the only light was from dim glowing letters of the keyboard hidden from sight. It shone against the ceiling and around the tall wood and leather chair, that much resembled a throne to me, sitting grandly before the oak desk. I lay and thought approving thoughts to myself for a while, but it hadn’t been my idea, it had been Hers.

“Go to the hardware store and buy blackout film.” she had instructed me the week before, sick and tired of me not getting the rest that she expected I get.

“God that’s nice…” I said happily to myself as I sat up from my bed in the near complete darkness, my wool cover caught and started wrapping itself around my legs as they slid over the edge of the bed. I shivered and pulled it over my shoulders too. I was facing the tall back of the chair now and I stood, walking the distance from the bed to the desk.

My hand grazed the top of the chair to pull it back but I stopped to admire it first in the dark. It was solid and strong. It wasn’t a chair meant for a desk, it was meant for a grand 20ft dining room table, and this one sat at the head. I had taken it from the set earlier in the year, no one used that part of the house anymore anyways… and I’d be damned if it would sit and not receive the use it deserved. It was beautiful, and the faint red glow of the keyboard shone every crevice and every carving inside the arms a smoldering red shadow.

Gripping the back of the chair, I pulled it heavily to the side and sat down, the wool blanket protecting my backside from the sharp cold of the thick polished leather then began awkwardly shuffling myself and the chair back to it’s home, seated directly in front of the desk. I grabbed my headset and put it on snugly over my ears.

I could hear her now. I could hear her labored breathing and heavy snoring, I wanted to call out and wake her, but I didn’t.

It must still be early if she is asleep.” I thought, bringing my knees up from the ground and to my chest, I leaned just enough back and moved my rear end just enough forward so I was comfortably caught between the desk’s top and chair.

She was three hours ahead of me and she was fast asleep. I didn’t know the time and I wouldn’t look to the phone or the computer without permission that hadn’t been given, but it didn’t really matter anyways. We would spend all day together, and it wasn’t too unlikely that it was past noon for me.

I reached up and found the cord to my headset and slid my fingers down until I found the dongle that held the mute button. My fingers played with it and teased it for a while, but I didn’t push it.

It was dark again and it hadn’t stopped surprising me yet. I sat in the darkness before a dimly glowing red keyboard and pitch black computer screen. The red shone against my sunken body and created dull shadows of tan and red on the wool blanket.

I smiled and pressed the button, singing softly…

Starry starry night…

Posted by Evelyn

Submissive woman in my mid-20s. Writer, engineer, explorer. Transgender (she/her). Happily owned and married to my Mistress Eiren.

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